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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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be seen. >> we invite you to do that. we invite you you to have a happy and healthy new year. >> sanctions levelled against moscow for their meddling in the presidential election. now 35 russian operatives must also lae the country and there could be more action taken. vladimir putin said he will not force american diplomats to leave moscow nor does he plan to close any visit. it is sitting on 45 acres at
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pioneer point. a mansion on oyster bay, long island. the two retreats were being used for intelligence purposes, a charge that moscow denies. joined now from the state department with today's developments, what is russia's next move? >> we do, wait until january can 20th. >> vladimir putin said they won't kick out our diplomats in retaliation. here is more what he had to say in a statement. he said we regard the steps as provocative. tough talk, but not as tough as this. on twitter he said it is sad that the obama administration an historic ties ended it's terms in anti-russia terms.
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they say u.s. personnel have been harassed over in russia including being stopped by police and having their personal information graft on russian tv. >> what happens at these russian come points? >> they say that the russians have been using these to gather intelligence. from the outside they just look like places that are really fun to go. but because of this alleged intelligence gathering, they put the locks on the doors two hours ago. you can see a line of cars many maryland packed and they strove straight to the embassy. from the outside, they look like just a fun place to relax. neighbors say they see them sailing or playing tennis and partying over the number. there is also a christmas and
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summer camp there for the kids. russian foreign ministries says 96 are expected to leave the u.s. the ush shan embassy to the u.s. says this is how they will get out of here. the deadline for those diplomats and their families to leave is sunday. >> live for us, thank you, kaer line. >> now to continue our coverage, donald trump changing his tune after ridiculing the intell saying it is time to move on to bigger and better things. so does the president-elect have any plans to talk with president putin about the sanctions? >> he does not, heather. the only thing on the schedule, transition officials are telling us, is an intell briefing in new york about this interference at some point next week.
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the only thing the president-elect will say about this right now is this -- it is time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. any interest of our people, i will meet with leaders next week to be updated on the facts of the situation. by not planning to talk to putin any time soon, he is taking a much better approach. when that happened, he reached out to prime minister netanyahu to assure him he would undo the action. there are no indications it will happen any time soon. >>. >> the one thing they will say is that they hope the current administration is not purposefully making it harder for the next president to decide
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how he wants to handle russia. >> you can on the one hand say hey, just one president at a time and we have one now for the next 22 days or so named president barack obama, but you also the new president to have a say in policy. i was very disappointed to read about the allegations that perhaps one reason the sanctions are taking place is to box in president-elect trump to force him to attack a policy when he takes office. i hope it is not motivated by politics even a little bit. >> the incoming president will not indicate one way or the other whether or not the president-elect plans to get ririd of the sanctions when he takes office. everything hinges on the intell briefing. >> whielg president-elect trump
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says that we should move on, my next guest says now is not the time to get on with our lives. >> a democrat doesn't think that the sanctions go far enough, he is not the only one to think that way. he is joining me now and he is a ranking member of the foreign relations committee an a russian expert. >> so before we get into the details of the sanctions, what should be added to it, let's take a look at president obama's statement, or at least part of it, on the sanctions. he said in october, we publicized our assessment. goes on to say our diplomats have experienced an unacceptable level of harassment in moscow over the last year. so you have there by his own admission, october and over the
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next year. so why wait until after the election to impose these sanctions. >> the timing i cannot really speak to. that was a presidential decision. i do know he was gathering more and more information about what russia did to us. and what was the appropriate response. i know some of that he wanted to advertise in the very open way. others i think he wanted to deal with in an effective and quiet way. the president made his judgment, and his judgment is that we were attacked. it cannot be business as usual. from a congressional point of ju. i intend to file legislation early in the next recession. with republicans to make it clear that russia's actions, attacking us on signer.
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before we get into the details of that, we have by executive order, president obama sanctioning two of russia's intelligence services. as we have seen, two compounds have been shut down. you have these two bills. take us through it. >> first is to understand the russian hack, the election system, and how to protect ourselves from future attacks and what should be the appropriate response. the second will be the anxiouses imposed against russia for their cyber attack against us.
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the sanctions will be bipartisan. democrats and republicans both feel that congress needs to weigh in. it is one thing to say that we're going to give additional tools to make clear we will take action against russia. >> it seems like russia is just lashi layoffing this off. we have a tweet that says president obama, deja vu, everybody will be glad to see the last of this hapless administration. you you're are saying president obama should have done more or called for more is this more about trump and the incoming administration? >> no, i think it is clearly not
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business as usual. i think the president has taken steps on -- still trying to evaluate it, to see what impact it will have on russia. we can do more, and that's why we're going to look at additional steps that the congress can take. the administration can't do it without the party. >> we'll see if the new administration coming in is able to take care of that. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. have a good new year. >> coming up, the nypd deploying what is called extraordinary assets in times square. what is being done to keep all of those celebrators safe. and we'll talk about the celebrity that will be joining donald trump in florida. more than 100,000 homes are
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without power. >> it is not a lot of fun, we had to dig out for a couple hours. >> well, i woke up and it was a lot more than that. >> the children's miracle network hospitals empowering imaginations.
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welcome back, president-elect trump will be celebrating the new year at his home beach estate with friends. including sylvester stallone. the process will be composed of 8,000 marches including a number of high school and college marching bands. back to new year's eve. it is just a day away. final preparations for the estimates million people that will be watching the ball drop. it is a logistical challenge. brian is joining us now from times square with more of the
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details at the cross proeds of the world. what are some of the new security measures in place. >> they will be deploying sanitation trucks. 65 of this will be strategically placed. they weigh 20 tons each and they will be full of sand. they are supposed to be unmoveable to protect a crowd from a potential or possible electric attack like what we saw in nice france, where some driver killed 86 people over the summer. and when a truck driver killed some 12 people in a christmas market. they have used sanitation trucks before to protect trump tower and the thanksgiving day parade. also 100 patrol cars places.
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7,000 uniformed and plain clothed officers. we're also talking about boats on patrol as well as helicopters. >> we monitor and assess threats every day, we confer regularly with our law enforcement partners. we have no threats to terrorism, tim times square, or new years eve. they say it will be among the safest places in the world. >> what will the experience be like for all of those people standing in times square tomorrow? >> besides elmo and others behind me, some one million people will be watching. they say we expect people to
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arrive here as early as 8:00 a.m. tomorrow to get a prime viewing spot, but they will have to go through least two security check points, no large bags or umbrellas will be allows. waiting to see a ball drop for 60 seconds. there will be 65 holding pens. no alcohol, no bathrooms, but you can say you were hear for new years eve. >> thank you, and happy new year to you. >> don't misour new years eve coverage. we have a five our extravaganza kicking off at 8:00 p.m. eastern. and then all american new year live until one am. it has been a memorable 2016. >> still happening today, a
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powerful nor'easter leaving people in new england with a snowy mess to clean up. more than 100,000 people in maine have no power after 20 inches of wet, heavy snow brought down trees, power lines, in central and south maine. it may not be in time to watch the ball drop. we are joined now live from the fox weather center. >> yeah, it will take awhile. a lot of people without power and some pretty rural areas. temperature wise not that bad behind the storm. still below freezing. with all of that thaw on the ground it will take some time. nobody is really, really cold and that is the story for the next couple days, but we do have
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cold weather coming. still some win across the great lakes. we see the bands of lake effect snow. then we will go into tomorrow and this storm is brewing across the southeast. this will be the sarchlg average rainmaker. by the time we get towards midnight, everybody really looking pretty good. l.a. is a little cool and cloudy. rain across the south, go in towards times square. a few other cities for midnight, few new year's eve, really good going across parts of the great lakes. seattle a little chilly for you.
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>> an indication of things to with the new year? no, it will be really cold next week. >> deep discounts not enough for one guy. he does holiday shopping with a sledge hammer. what he got away with and is president obama trying to tie the hands of the trump administration. >> we do bonder about the rush to do all of these things in the next couple weeks and how it may up end u.s. standing policy.
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a thief finding the best time to shop for bargains, when no one else is around. this was 3:00 in the morning. he was smashing through the front doors of a department store with a hammer. >> i think we live in a nice
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area, so to think manage like that can happen is pretty scary. >> i hope there is something left to buy. >> it was located they got away with 60 to $100,000. it was really a surprise for those that came in the next morning. certainly not a good time of the year to do it. no holiday spirit there for that particular person. >> turning back to our story, president obama punishing russia just weeks before leaving office. >> i have been reading the news reports about the retaliations and sanctions. some of them seem largely
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symbolic. even those who are sympathetic are saying he did this to "box in president-elect trump." that would be very unfortunate if politics were the motivating factor here. >> larry o connor is host of "mornings on the mall." rob is a democratic strategist and u.s. army airplane ranger veteran. thank you both for joining us. i hope i got your last name right. how do i say it. >> lose enough. let's start with the russia sanctions since that is the latest in the news. do you think that kellyanne conway is right there about the sanctions in. >> it would be unfortunate if it was were meant to just box in president-elect trump. the fact remains that this
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happened under president obama's watch. he had to send a message that he will not tolerate the cyber security attacks. it is not poe lit sized. i served in his staff as campaign director in 2008, and then i served under him when he was my commander and chief in the army. i feel like he is just looking out for us. >> but it cut put the president-elect in a difficult situation. he reverses the sanctions and it puts in jeopardy his restart and going down a new road with them. >> i suppose. listen, if he has been our protector in chief, he did a lousy job for cyber security. we knew about this, they let us
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know about it last year, and they came out with their findings for political purposes. trump campaigns for the last year saying he would reverse all of the horribly unfair things. so if drircht believes this is s a horrible checktive action, it will make his day longer. >> the russian sapgss, the middle east peace process, along with the u.n. resolution on israel and other things there. the arctic drilling ban. obama care enrollment push, and a new national monument. that is a long list. >> it is a long list, and it is understandable. he has very limited time left in
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office, he has been trying for eight years to get some of the initiatives taken care of. all we hear is that we want to believe him, president obama is trying so set the country up for success. he is inexperienced. he was selected because of -- >> president obama was an experience the first time around. >> yeah, he was a senator. but you know, he did bring some experience to the people. >> listen, to subject that barack obama is trying to set us on a course for success, it took seven years and 11 months to do things to set us on the course to success. this would not be happening if hillary clinton won the election. i love fox news channel and their graphics are always spot
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on, but one of those bullet items, the middle east peace process. i'm sorry, this is not a middle east peace process. this is a terrorist empowerment process they have put in please, and we have seen today the uk prime minister completely distance himself, giving john kerry a spanking, and i'm sorry to leave you with that image, but it was important you see the image ri there. >> thank you for that, and thank you both for joining us today. >> thank you, heather. >> a plane carrying six people fanishes over lake erie. now a desperate search for survivors. and two russian diplomats expelled from the u.s. are among the fbi's most wanted.
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. the u.s. coast guard searching the waters for a small plane that disappeared shortly after takeoff. on it's way to ohio state university, airport in columbus. six people on board including three children. mike? >> the coast guard is still
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calling it a search and rescue, indicating there is still hope to find survivors. a dolphin helicopter is searching where the plane disappeared. and they are assisting in the search as well. they can open the cargo door however the immediate problem is the weather. you're talking bitter cold. and windy. it is a 525 like the one that should be on your screen. it looks like you had one family and kids from another family on board. they disappeared about two miles over the water, any survivors would have be out there all
11:34 am
night. >> we are taking advantage of the daylight. >> now the water in the search area is about 50 feet deep, they say they did receive a faint ping, but it was not strong enough to lead them to the victims. >> thank you so much. mike live for us. >> only weeks before he leaves office, and president obama is leveling sanctions on russia for interveering in the election. expelling 35 bip low mats and their families and closing to compounds. >> accused of maliciously cyber hacking security information and stealing over $100 million from u.s. financial institutions and government agencies.
11:35 am
then we have alekyes who is wanted for hacking into at least three major companies. >> and john schindler, a former national security agency and counter intelligence officer. all right, so let's start with the two people who are still being searched for. we went over a little bit of what we know about them. what else can you tell us? >> there is suspiciouses that all of these people, these are the most high profile, there was 35 in total. they are believed to be with the dru. >> that is the idea of the folks
11:36 am
that we're looking for here. >> lounge have but known about them? >> did we know about it. >> no, this is years in. they have been following this problem for years, and obama's move here welcomed by people like many this is many days late and many dollars short. this will not have much impact really. >> let's go to the sanctions themselves and the hope that they will have an impact. what do you think. did the sanctions do enough? >> they will have an impact and they're certainly welcomed by the intelligence community here in the united states. a lot of people are wondering about the time frame here, and why, exactly, this is happening -- why the sanctions
11:37 am
are now being put in place so many months after we first had suspicions and then confirmed they took place. vice president biden said three months ago we were gearing up for cyber attacks, and now we're hearing about attacks from the dnc and the campaign. what is the delay due to. >> as we went through earlier in the statement itself, the statement from president obama, he admitted that a lot of it was back in october, and in the past year, he said there have been attacks on diplomats in russia. >> i think they finally got bad. once hillary took dak in the campaign. she took damage from the kremlin
11:38 am
game. they finally got in gear on this. >> did you think we would have these sanctions if rill ri would have won the election. >> think would have done more after she has been. >> but you're notnswering me question. it is counter factual. i have to tell you. >> what else should we be doing? >> throwing spies out of the country should have been done in 2013. it was clear he informs bed with the russians. time and time again. cyber and actual propaganda, remember, in 2015, the white house shut down, the obama white house shut down a tiny state department program to comebat
11:39 am
russian negative prop began ta. >> that is 2015. let's move forward. what should the president-elect do? what has been his response so far to move on? he is having a meeting next week with intelligence leaders to get a full picture of what is happening here. >> i think that is a great thing to do. he has not been getting the daily intelligence briefings, so sitting down with those grapp grappling with the issue every day is a smart move on his part. i think longer term, if all signs point to a trump administration that will be trying to get to closer ties with russia. they have a clean slate with our adversaries and our allies around the world. there is a lot of hope it will
11:40 am
be good for the bilateral administration. as every other american president has for the last half a century and more. as soon as president trump is dealing with president trump, but as his counter part, a foreign head of state, it will change the dynamics. >> at the same time, you're right, the president has done this, president obama happened to reference something on an open mic, and said wait until i get into office, and the president-elect is getting it up front. thank you for joining us. i hope you have a happy new year. >> all right, bye bye. let's talk about gas prices on the rise. holiday travel season winds down. the national average is now $2.32. they say some $27 billion on gas
11:41 am
this year. that is a good thing. jeff lock is live for us on the road in chicago. jeff, first of all, i hope you're being safe, what can we expect in the new year, keep your eye on the road. >> you make a great point there. that was a huge saving last year, but it's not going to last. year over year or up about 15%. we're going towards wisconsin. we'll find snow he thinks we will be up 20 or 40 cents in the new year, and some states will average better than $3. and we're at a national average of $2.00 this time last year.
11:42 am
we have been talking about good economic news. will the higher gas prices be good for they? >> if you're one of those guys exemployering for oil, that means that oil prices are up and that helps the economy, unfortunately for us out here, filling our tanks, are probably not so much. that was a pretty big dividend last year. that was money spent not on gas, but things like restaurants, clothes, and the other things that help the economy along. we won't get that dividend going forward. >> i'm going to quit distracting you. you're making me nervous, put your hands on the wheel. president obama is set to meet
11:43 am
with democrats on capitol hill about saving balm care. . a mother falls to her death at a ski resort.
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... ... ... ...
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hello, russian president vladimir putin slamming the obama administration a day after they announced russian's punishment for muddling in the u.s. election. at this point, tus just russian words and no action. is vladimir putin taking the high road or is this all part of the higher strategy? we will speak to a former military analyst. that is coming up when i fill in
11:47 am
on "shepherd smith reporting." >> holiday ski trip turned tragic. a mother and her two daughters fell about 25 feel from a chair lift. the mother died. her daughters ages 9 and 12 were injured. emergency personnel say it's unclear why they fell and authorities are investigating. president obama who is planning to huddle with democrats next week to discuss what they can do to save obama care from the republican chopping block. and he has numbers to back him up. they enrolled about 6.4 million people from november 1st through monday. thank you very much for joining us. earlier, we were talking about the roadblocks that are possibly
11:48 am
being felt by the obama administration. this is one of them and his call for more enrollment and it is working. so how will republicans handle that as they begin to make changes to balm care. >> you're exactly right. this is part of a broader strategy. we're seeing him box in trump on all of those different areas. the environment being one and obama care. the best thing obama has going is the republicans that are nervous. they want to repeal obama care, but they're worried about the replacement. if they don't come together. there will be a number of them very nervous about repealing. >> and then there is the prop of
11:49 am
timing. what is being discussed about that? nigh believe who two year is too long others is pushing beyond the 2018 rex. so this is where politics comes in, and the republicans made it such a powerful issue. and the democrats want to do the same thing to republicans in 2018. they want to say you're the guys removing health care for 20 mill people. it's all on you and you can suffer the political consequences. and they're a fan of mainstream establishment republicans that are susceptible to that.
11:50 am
>> and there are parts that are not changed at all including letting people under the age of 26 remain on their parents yea. >> you, too. >> the marijuana boom in colorado is causing brig problems for neighboring states some experts say the legislation of marijuana in centennial state is leading to an increase in illegal activity elsewhere. and any moment now, two bald eagles will be born. a live look at bald eagle watch 2016.
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welcome back. we've one watching this a miracle of nature unfolding right before our eyes. the baby american bald eagle hatching right now. look at that. this is actually happening. you can see a tiny crack in the egg, another due in the coming days. the parents, harriet and m-15 have been taking turns keeping the eggs warm. it's been broadcast live because of the eagle cam in ft. myers,,
11:54 am
florida. >> drug smugglers are setting up shop. colorado legalized marijuana and it's causing problems in other states. >> reporter: according to a federal law enforcement source a majority of the marijuana grown here is not consumed in the state, me and colorado attorney general as has a warning for those who recently legalized recreational pot. >> what we're seeing is an influx of organized time. >> in 2012 colorado and washington state were the first to legalize recreationality pot. since then other voters have passed similar laws, bringing the total number of states with legal recreationality marijuana to one eight. one consequence is colorado was the new shower for -- source for
11:55 am
smugglers. >> nebraska and oklahoma sued the state for not preventing the product from leaving, a case ultimately dismissed by the u.s. supreme court. according to a federal report by the rockie mountain high intensity drug trafficking area, the seizures of marijuana heading out of state skyrocket it to 394 in 2015 and no seep of a showdown. an expert in drug trade saying the pot coming out of colorado is so prolific and far more pret tent that want is growing -- poetpotent what is grown in mexico. >> they're putting mexican drug cartels out of the marijuana been. >> president-elect trump says medicinal marijuana is okay but
11:56 am
recreational, no. >> thank you so much, hope you have a good inform -- good new year. imagine this, driving over this particular bridge. definitely don't look down. the world highest and what do tennessee football and the guy in a dress have in common? we'll explain.
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11:58 am
11:59 am
the world's highest bring is open for business in china. the bridge soars more than 170 stories above a river, connecting two southwestern provinces. high as it is it a also nearly a mile long and it cost $144 million to build, drivers say the bridge cut travel time between the two provinces from four hours to one. >> when couples to fantasy basketball you don't want to come in last if you're on one team in massachusetts. it's made up of a dozen childhood friends and the losing player, adam lane, had to wear this dress and stan on a busy screen kosher -- screen corner or would be booted from the team. hows that for public humiliation. >> in the in the man in equip
12:00 pm
challenge, the european space agency hanging out. they definitely win. here's gregg jarrett in for shep. >> russian declining to retaliate after dozen of russians thrown out of the country. mr. trump just tweeted. what's the story with the mysterious russian compounds in the u.s. hundreds of people murdered in a major american city this year. we'll take you to the streets of chicago where it's a battle of bullets and blame. that and more of the day's news coming up this hour.


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